Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland

With their permission, this is a from an email I received today from a good friend in Oakland:

"I'm sure you heard, but shit went off today. We met at the library and marched to the jail to demand those arrested in the "cleanup" of the occupation be freed, we occupied and marched through the city streets blocking traffic and enticing the cops to create a big motorcade and blocking streets with riot police whose guns were drawn. It was surreal in many ways. Upon arrival we were met with rubber bullets and tear gas. I haven't heard of arrests, injuries, or goodness forbid deaths. But here's a vid ...[expletive]. 20,000 people are called to action tomorrow, we'll see if it happens."

I'm told that flash grenades were used by the police, who are trying to say it was protestors throwing m80s. Additionally, one of the people the police shot in the head with a rubber bullet was 2-tour Iraq injured war vet and Marine named Scott Olsen. There's a video on youtube.

The state of this country is in uprising and the tipping point may be on the horizon. I'm only posting these things to you because I'm currently in contact with many good friends around our beloved nation who are, collectively, helping me understand the escalating magnitude of the Occupy movement. I feel compelled to share with all of you what I'm learning and trust that you'll make your own informed opinions/decisions individually. Your readership is flattering!


Email me if you have any local updates you'd like to share.

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