Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update from Arlo!

"Hi guys,
Just wanted to send you a quick update.
I am currently in the Canary islands, and ready to get out of here quickly.  It's like the Jersey shore meets Cancun, with all of the gawdy beach boardwalk stuff alongside mega-resorts.  Curiously, the beaches are full of (elderly) Scandinavian nudists.  The sand dunes at Maspalomas were amazing, though -- the sand was blown over the ocean from the Sahara desert.  I've heard the other Canarian islands are worth visiting, but I'd rather get back on track with my lusophone itinerary.
So I'll be going to Cabo Verde tomorrow, where I'm hoping to do some couchsurfing.  From there, I think I can get flights to Fortaleza or down to Sao Tome, another African island nation.  Not sure yet which direction this trip will take.
Hope to be able to send more complete updates soon!

Update from Erica:

It is cold and crisp and cider donuts where I am.
Lots o' love.

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